Better Advertising Standards google ads filtering 2020

Better Advertising Standards google ads filtering 2020


Better Advertising Standards” worldwide. Google Chrome will adopt “Standards google ads filtering” worldwide starting on July 9th. Ads in Chrome browsers may be filtered if they do not.

Google announced today that Chrome’s ad-blocking program will be applied worldwide as of July 9, 2019

Google joined the coalition for better advertising last year, a group that provides specific criteria for how the industry can improve ads for consumers.

In February, Chrome began blocking ads (including ads owned or served by Google) on websites that displayed incompatible ads, as specified in the coalition.

Blocked Ads on the Desktops:

pop-up ads, auto-playing video ads with sound, prestitial ads with countdown, and large sticky ads.

Pop-up windows, self-powered video ads, display ads, screen ads, large size ads

Better Advertising Standards google ads filtering 2020

Blocked Mobile Ads :

pop-up ads , prestitial ads, ad density higher than 30 percent, flashing animated ads, auto-playing video ads with sound, postitial ads with countdown, full-screen scroll over ads, and large sticky ads.

Pop-up Ads Countdown Ads size larger than 30% of screen size Flash ads Video ads Self-running Large-sized ads Fixed ads Large

Certain ads will be blocked and not all ads will appear on the page, meaning that only one ad may disappear from the page and the remaining ads will appear as long as they match

Finally, the page where all the ads are blocked and you can click on the ad to show you how it works

Why should I do the Ad Experience Report?

The reason is that Google will launch the new version of Google Chrome, integrated with it “annoying ads” such as videos that automatically run within pages. Ads that fill the screen “interstitial”. Pop-ups and a lot of page ads (more details can be found HERE ), so all Adsense users on the sites must submit their sites for manual review to be added to the whitelist and ads will appear on your sites with Google Chrome users. But you will not be allowed to display Google Adsense ads on your site and therefore there is no profit and will be affected by the “Seo” of your site and expelled from the first search results.


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