How to improve keyword ranking in Google 2020

If you want your website pages to be ahead of others in search engines, you should then learn how to improve keyword ranking on your website.

 What are the main tips for my website to rank up in Google and how to improve the keyword?

These are some few steps so that your website would have great performance on search engines:

  • Pay great attention to the quality of your content, search engines prefer high-quality content.
  • Write the title very carefully to be SEO friendly.
  • The Meta description must be SEO friendly too.
  • The internal and external links are important too.
  • The website must fit easily to mobile phones.

Some tips telling you how to improve keyword on your website:

  • The content must be of high quality and worth reading.
  • You must have unique content, coping with other content harms your website and decreases its ranking in google.
  • Think as if you are a googler.

What you would write to download a specific game, what you would write to read about something…

This method would help you to generate more real keywords that increase the visitors to your website.

  • Ask people around you (your family, your friends, and any community on social media) about what they would write to find something.

That would give you more effective and real keywords that would help you a lot.

  • Google’s suggestions are very important.

As you search for something on Google, it shows some suggestions at the end of the page, just don`t miss them.

The importance of the title and how to improve keyword used in it:

You must choose the title very carefully because:

  • that must contain the main keyword of your content.
  • It must take the attention of googlers so that they visit your website.
  • It must describe your article content in brief so that people want to see more by clicking on the link of your website.

The importance of the Meta description and how to improve keyword used in it:

  • The Meta description must contain the main keyword of your article and other side keywords too.
  • The Meta description words capacity is between (150-170) words.
  • These words in the Meta description must describe the content of your article.

What are the important and tools that improve the SEO of the website and tells me how to improve the keyword?

There are multiple plugins and tools that help to improve the website performance in search engines such as:

  1. Google Keyword Planner:

  • Google Keyword contains the memory of Google, so it`s the best tool that you can use to know the important keywords in a specific topic.
  • it is a free plugin.
  • The professional advisers depend mainly on such a tool as it helps them to launch a successful campaign.
  1. io

  • The tool is simple to use, you just write a specific keyword and it will get all suggested search results related to that word.
  • This tool depends mainly on Google.
  • The is free to use.
  1. Yoast – plugin

  • Yoast is important for all websites as it helps you to add title and Meta description with your keywords.
  • It improves the performance of your website a lot.
  • This plugin helps you to improve keyword usage for your content.

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