How to install wordpress manually in cpanel 2020

first of all, There are a lot of methods to install WordPress as using scripts, But here let`s learn how to install WordPress manually in the control panel.

What are the main steps for installing WordPress or How to install WordPress manually?

There are three main steps you should follow:

  • Upload the WordPress script file from your PC to the server.
  • Create the database and link it.
  • Now, let the WordPress be installed (it usually takes five minutes).

Uploading the WordPress files:

There are two methods to upload the WordPress file to the server as follows:

  1. Archive the WordPress file and upload it by the control panel:

  • Login to the client area in the host.
  • Run the control panel.
  • Launch the file manager of cPanel.
  • Select “WebRoot directory” and press GO.
  • You have to set the directory file of WordPress to be available under your website domain, this is an important step.
  • Upload your file to the directory file by The “Upload” function in the file manager.
  • The word file must be extracted, go to the created directory file and extract the WordPress file in it.
  • WordPress domain will be in that form:
  • Select the uploaded file and click on “Extract”.
  • After extracting the file, reload the page to make sure that the extraction process is done successfully.

You would see the word press file in the folder.

SO there are some steps in order to understand how to install WordPress manually well.

  • The WordPress is extracted in an automatically generated file with the name “WordPress”, and this is a subfolder.
  • This subfolder will be included in the domain after the created directory file.

So you need to move the files back to the parent file “the directory file”.

  • You can do that by pressing “select all” and then select move and choose the directory file.
  • You can move files by FTP too.

2. You can upload the file to the server by FTP because this is a vital step to know how to install WordPress:

    • Choose one of the FTP clients which are available for windows and Mac such as:
      1. WinSCP
      2. CYBERDUCK
      3. TRANSMIT
      4. Free FTP.
      5. FILEZILA
      6. WS_FTP Professional.


  • Run the FTB client to login into the server via FTP.
  • Create the directory file.
  • Upload the archived file in it.
  • Extract the file.
  • Move the extracted WordPress to the parent folder using the control panel via FTP.

Create the database and link it, a major step to learn how to install WordPress:

You must activate the internal functions of WordPress by adding a database.

There are three main steps you would follow:

  1. Create MySQL database store in cPanel:
  2. Create a user account for MySQL database in cPanel:
  3. The user account and MySQL database must be connected:

The last step to learn how to install WordPress manually  is the WordPress final installation for five minutes only:

  • Go to the directory file via domain, not cPanel.
  • Choose the preferred language.
  • Read the information and instructions that will preview.
  • Type the database name, username, password, database host, and table prefix.
  • Don`t write “wp_“in the field of table prefix because it makes it easier for hackers.

For more security, type “wpe_“.

Security is an important issue to learn how to install WordPress in a perfect way.

It`s recommended to use alphabets rather than numbers.

  • Press “Run the installation”, so that the installation process begins.
  • Now, you have to fill in some registration information (site title, user name, password, and email).
  • You can mark or unmark indexing the WordPress page in the last line of the registration application.

If your website has large content and too many pages, then it`s recommended to mark it to stop search engines from indexing such a page.

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