Top free web hosting sites for wordpress with cpanel 2020

Now you don’t need money to host your website as you can use one of Top free web hosting sites for WordPress with Cpanel 2019.

Names of top free web hosting sites:

  1. x10Hosting:

  • x10Hosting is very trustful as it has been offering free hosting services for over ten years.
  • The website gives you unlimited disk storage.
  • It offers domain, subdomain, and 3 email accounts.
  • It’s SSD-powered.
  • It supports PHP, MySQL.
  1. Com:

  • com has more than 20,000 customers.
  • The website is visited by about ten million visitors daily.
  • The website has three languages (English – Germany – French).
  • It offers you a large storage capacity (10 GB).
  • The bandwidth is unlimited.
  • It contains about 200 templates available.
  • It offers you a subdomain and an email.
  1. GigaRocket:

  • GigaRocket offers you free hosting.
  • It provides about 5GB disk storage.
  • The bandwidth is 50GB.
  • It offers one email account.
  • It supports MySQL, Cloud Linux, PHP 7, and NGINX.
  1. InfinityFree:

  • The website is trusted by about 350,000 users.
  • InfinityFree is considered one of the top free web hosting sites.
  • InfinityFree offers unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • The website offers ten email accounts and a subdomain.
  • It has the certificate of “SSL”. “DNS” service.
  • It supports MySQL and PHP.
  1. GoogieHost:

  • The website is running for (over) than 7 years so it’s trusted by a large number of people.

It has about 100,000 users.

  • GoogieHost offers 1 GB disk storage, and it offers unlimited bandwidth.
  • It offers you unlimited subdomains and email accounts.
  • It`s SSD-powered.
  • It supports NGINX, MySQL, and PHP 7.

What are the advantages of top free web hosting websites?

  • From the name, these websites offer hosting services for “free”.
  • It offers a lot of other services for free, these services help the user.
  • It offers large disk space and bandwidth.
  • This is not just a free trial but It’s always free.
  • It’s very good for simple websites.

What are the disadvantages of top free web hosting websites?

  • They offer limited properties and services compared to premium websites.
  • The domain names are not markable.
  • The lack of security.
  • The support level is poor.

Name the best premium websites which are better than top free web hosting sites:

  1. net:

  • The monthly bouquet for the website is 5 dollars.
  • You can pay only one dollar for the first month.
  • You continue to pay the same price for a lifetime.
  • It offers unlimited email accounts and disk space.
  1. com:

  • It`s almost free as it has a monthly bouquet of 2.9 dollars only.
  • It offers free Cloudflare.
  1. com:

  • You can choose an annual bouquet or a monthly one.

The monthly bouquet is to pay 10.9 dollars per month.

The annual bouquet is to pay 4.2 dollars per month.

In the first month, you only pay .01 dollar, It’s almost free.

  • It provides unlimited disk storage and bandwidth.
  • that has a free SSL certificate.
  • It has a large number of email accounts.
  1. Com:

  • It has a starting monthly bouquet of 4 dollars.
  • that offers you free cPanel migrations.
  • It provides high security for your website.
  • that offers unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited disk storage and bandwidth.
  • It has a large number of templates for free.
  1. Com:

  • It has a starting price of 2 dollars per month.
  • That has vDeck cPanel which helps you to manage the website with much flexibility.
  • It has special tools for blogging and eCommerce.
  • That offers unlimited email addresses.

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